Where Can I Find Science Fair Project Ideas?


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Science fair project ideas can be found on the website Energy Quest from the California Energy Commission, the educational resources of the Environmental Protection Agency and the extension resources from Utah State University. The educational organization Scholastic also provides ideas for science fair projects.

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Where Can I Find Science Fair Project Ideas?
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The science fair project ideas presented by Energy Quest focus on different sources of energy. Electricity projects include creating an electromagnet, simulating lightning bolts and creating light through friction. Other ideas include creating a steam powered rocket-boat, researching the heat from light bulbs and demonstrating how the force from air can move a vehicle.

Ideas incorporating ideas in chemistry, engineering, force, movement, sound and water are available from the PBSKids website Zoom. Suggested ideas include examining the behavior of yeast, safely dropping an egg from a height, understanding optical illusions, using balloons to create movement and creating a miniature biodome.

Utah State University offers ideas appropriate for students of different grades. For younger students, the extension suggests experiments demonstrating the pH level of water, while older students may look at the runoff of fertilizer or methods of monitoring the toxicity of water.

Experiments such as examining the liquid used in glow-sticks and looking at surface tension by resting a paper clip on water are suggested by Scholastic.

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