How Can a School Be Registered for the 4-H Poster Competition?


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Schools are not required to register for the 4-H poster competition; posters can be submitted by any 4-H member, registered club or team within a club. Certain rules vary by state, and some 4-H regions require a fee for entering the poster contest, such as the contest in Alvin, Texas.

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The 4-H poster competition is a regional competition that is held every year by various 4-H districts across the United States. Many regions allow poster submissions by any 4-H member, or by teams of up to six members. The posters are judged according to various criteria, such as creativity and quality of information.

While submission rules vary for each district, there are some rules that hold true for all 4-H competitions across the country. For instance, posters must be original and cannot contain pictures or depictions of well-known cartoon characters or other copyrighted images. Posters cannot have three-dimensional objects that protrude more than 1/8 inch off the page. If the 4-H official emblem is used on the page, it must not be obscured or covered up by any type of graphics or wording. For detailed information about the 4-H poster contest in a specific region, contact the local 4-H branch.

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