How Can You Find a School That Offers Free Online Courses?

How Can You Find a School That Offers Free Online Courses? offers over 1100 free online courses from many of the world's leading universities. Courses include subjects such as astrology, chemistry, computer science, religion and philosophy. It also offers math and history among many others.

The Open Culture website features 1100 free online courses from universities such as Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard and Oxford. Of these options, there are more than 800 open online courses & certificate programs available. Audio and video courses are available for download to computer or media-playing device, featuring over 30,000 hours of audio and video lectures. Many massive, open online courses and programs offer certificates or statements of completion, though typically not university credit. Colleges often require payment to receive an official completion credential.

Some classes, such as Stanford's course in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, require prior knowledge on pertinent subjects. Stanford's course provides a zip file containing all the lesson handouts for the class, but it does not provide the student with certain video downloads and lecture slides due to copyright issues. Other classes, such as the Berkley College of Music's Introduction to Music Production, require that a student be part of a set class session, which involves a specific starting date for the course and several weeks of commitment to a defined schedule.