Where Can You Get a Scantron Form 882-E?

Websites such as eBay, Learning-Materials.com, TestingForms.com and Amazon.com allow users to purchase Scantron Form 882-e, as of April 2015. Scantron also operates an online store from which customers are able to purchase its various testing materials.

TestingForms.com allows users to purchase packs of Scantron Form 882-e in several quantities, such as a package of 500 sheets or a package of 5,000 sheets. Customers place the order either directly through the site, by calling the sales department or faxing in an order form. Learning-Materials.com also offers customers the ability to order the form online or by phone. It also operates a physical store, located in Northridge, California, that sells all the products found on the website. Similarly, Scantron also supports phone orders for its products. Users locate products on the site by conducting a keyword search for the form or product name.

Scantron forms found on Amazon.com and eBay come from third-party sellers. Each site features a seller rating system that allows the customer to read reviews of that seller written by past customers. These reviews also contain a rating based on the percentage of positive feedback provided by the customers, enabling new users to judge whether a seller is reliable.