Where Can You Find Samples of Scholarship Letters and Essays?


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There are a high number of online resources for sample scholarship essays and letters. Some websites include Eduers.com and Beat-tuition.com, which both provide samples as well as links to more samples.

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While a general search online brings up hundreds of websites and options, there are also sources available that are not online. Most high schools and colleges have available resources and people willing to help students with their essays and letters. There are tutoring and adviser groups, as well as classes, that provide information about what schools look for in their essays and letters. The groups and classes supply the information and tools for a student to write his own essays, as well as provide examples of previous essays.

Searching for samples online provides a faster outcome and allows a student to see what scholarship essays look like, as long as he does not copy the essays. The listed websites are the most straightforward in terms of sample letters and sample essays. However, the website for the school of interest is likely to outline requirements for their submissions. It is best to check with the school that the student is applying to in order to know what it is looking for.

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