Where can you find a sample outline for writing an editorial?


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A sample outline and information about writing an editorial is available at HowlandPowpak.Neomin.org and Grammar.YourDictionary.com. HowlandPowpak.Neomin.org features editorial writing tips as well as a general outline. It defines what an editorial is and what it should include, as well as outlining the actual steps to take when writing it.

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Site visitors can access a sample of what type of information should be included in a five-paragraph editorial. The editorial should include supporting reasons for a particular view, examples, an explanation of the opposing side and a personal experience. Writers should be well-informed about a subject by gathering as many details or facts necessary to convince others. Brainstorming with others also helps writers prepare to counter an opposing argument.

Grammar.YourDictionary.com hosts tips on writing an editorial that include choosing a topic, formulating an opinion, outlining the editorial and picking a headline. For example, when writing an editorial, using statistics to support an opinion can help to prove an argument. The strongest supporting argument should be placed at the end of the editorial. The conclusion should be a factual summary of the information used to support an opinion so that readers can absorb a recap of the facts. It can also provide solutions that may be helpful to the topic.

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