Where Can You Find a Sample Demand Letter?

The Law Insider has a sample demand letter asking for payment available on its website. Nolo also has several examples of demand letters that can be addressed to car repair shops and home contractors, as well as specific instructions on how to write a demand letter yourself. Demand letters are letters written by one party demanding payment or some other action from another party.

California Courts has sample demand letters that people can use when they need to stop payments, or when they are dealing with a situation that involves bad checks. These sample demand letters download to the user's computer in a form of a Microsoft Office Word document. The sample letters have general information and spaces that users need to fill out using the information specifically for their case. This website also has programs that help users to write demand letters to a person or business asking for money, and demand letters to a landlord asking for the return of a security deposit.

All Law has sample demand letters for cases of general personal injury. There are specific letters for slip/fall accidents and for accidents caused by employees. This website also has sample car-accident demand letters for injuries of different levels of severity, and for accidents that involve a car and a bicycle.