How Can You Review Seventh-Grade Math?


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To review seventh-grade math, students may work from a seventh-grade textbook, review concepts online or visit a tutor. Many schools offer tutoring to students in need of assistance.

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Math textbooks can be purchased online and locally. Visit a shop that offers educational curriculum, and choose a review workbook covering the concepts taught in seventh grade. Some math curriculum, such as Saxon Math, dedicate a portion of the book to review, allowing students to begin review previously taught materials without missing new concepts. Workbooks are also readily available in most discount stores and can be purchased at online auction sites, book stores and educational websites.

Some websites offer online math skills lessons free of charge. For instance, Math.com includes all grades and covers each concept that is required based on the national scope and sequence for each grade. Math puzzles, games and printable worksheets are also easily found online and can be adjusted to the skill level of the student as needed. For instance, seventh-grade review may include worksheets that teach students how to solve linear expressions.

Tutoring is available through many educational facilities, and private tutors can be hired for assistance in reviewing math at home. Tutors review any grade or subject and may provide additional resources, such as referrals to educational experts, for students struggling to learn.

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