How Can You Find the Results for Your Bar Exam?

Results for the bar exam are mailed to every test taker. Each state's bar website also has a pass list available. The amount of time it takes to receive results for the bar exam varies based on the state.

Results for the bar exam usually take the longest in states with the most applicants, while states with fewer applicants are able to send out results more quickly. North Carolina tends to be one of the fastest states for bar exam results, as it sends them out within about four weeks of the exam. At an average of 17 weeks for results, California takes the longest.

State bar websites release the pass list on the same day that exam results are mailed. The lists contain the names of all the test takers who passed, but don't provide any further information. The exam results that arrive in the mail contain actual score results.

The exact procedure for finding the pass list varies based on the state's bar website. Applicants may need identification information, such as an application number, to view the pass list. Completion of the bar exam doesn't automatically make the test taker a member of the bar. He must meet all admission requirements before he can join.