How Can You Register for E-Learning Online?

How Can You Register for E-Learning Online?

Students can register online for e-learning courses by creating an account and following the specific school's instructions, which can include searching for courses and paying tuition. Students will also be able to learn more about how to connect to their courses through the school's e-learning system when they register.

The following steps, provided by Baton Rouge Community College, are an example of how students can register online for e-learning courses.

  1. Log in to the student website
  2. Go to the school's student website and login with the username and password. Select the appropriate campus, if necessary.

  3. Click on the appropriate tab
  4. If necessary, click on the Student tab and then the Registration link. Choose Add or Drop Classes and the desired semester.

  5. Search for courses
  6. Click on the Class Search link. Find the desired subjects from the drop-down list to filter the classes. For example, choose Biology to see all biology courses. Click Class Search again to view available courses.

  7. Choose classes
  8. Click on the box next to each class to add it to the schedule. Continue searching and choosing courses until the course schedule is complete. The student account will also show the tuition and fees that need to be paid.