Where Can You Find Reading Help for Third Graders?


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Reading help for third graders can be found at the SmartTutor website, which offers a range of online lessons and the Reading Rockets website, which offers tips for parents wanting to help their children in third grade develop their reading skills. Alternatively, parents might want to seek out a personal tutor to help their child progress with reading. Guidance on hiring personal tutors is available at Care.com.

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The SmartTutor website covers the five sub-skills of third-grade reading. These are phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and comprehension. Using appealing visuals and cartoons, the phonics lesson teaches children to identify the syllabification words such as dinosaur, lizard and cave. The phonemic awareness lesson makes children aware of how substituting the sounds at the beginning, middle and end of words can change their meaning entirely.

For parents wishing to actively supplement their child's learning, some of the reading tips offered by the Reading Rockets website include introducing children to series of books, so that they will want to continue reading, and encouraging them to look up words they do not know in the dictionary. It is also suggested that parents turn books into something their child can get excited about, for instance by giving them as gifts or supplying children with a personal library card and making regular trips to the library with them.

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