Where Can You Find Free Reading Comprehension Tests?

Where Can You Find Free Reading Comprehension Tests?

K12Reader.com, RHLSchool.com, K5Learning.com and Internet4Classrooms.com provide free reading comprehension tests for students, parents and teachers. K12Reader.com features free reading comprehension worksheets for students from first through 10th grades, while K5Learning.com provides free printable worksheets for first through fifth grades. The worksheets on RHLSchool.com include original essays, poems and stories suitable for upper-elementary and middle-school students.

K12Reader.com lets users access grade-appropriate reading comprehension worksheets by choosing grade levels and clicking on titles to download printable PDFs. The worksheets contain reading passages and relevant questions.

RHLSchool.com offers 12 volumes of reading comprehension worksheets, as of 2015. The answer keys appear in the lower left corner of the page. Clicking on the titles directly leads users to the tests.

K5Learning.com classifies reading worksheets from A to Z based on its reading level system. In addition to free, printable worksheets, users may opt to download complete workbooks containing instructions, exercises and answer keys for a fee. The site also offers a free trial for its K5 learning program.

Clicking the links under the Reading Comprehension section on Internet4Classrooms.com allows users to access online quizzes. Some of the titles of the reading comprehension tests on the website include "A Special Christmas Present," "Causes of Floods" and "The Effects of Stress."