Where Can You Read About Children Learning Online?


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Information about children's learning can be found on childrenslearninginstitute.org, naeyc.org, Newyorker.com and early-childhood-education-degrees.com. These websites contain information about early childhood education, the relevance of play and child development and developmental milestones. The relevance of play to learning is highlighted on naeyc.org.

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Information about children's learning is plentiful online and in publications such as The New Yorker. Information regarding early childhood education, including children's development and identifying strategies for improving children's learning, can be found on childrenslearninginstitute.org. The importance of play and its support of scaffolding and children's understanding of numbers is described on naeyc.org. Some of the forms of play that are suggested on the website include make believe play, which buttresses scaffolding and playing with Play-Doh, which allows educators and parents to assess children's proficiency in early learning standards.

Information regarding brain development and motor skill development is highlighted on early-childhood-education-degrees.com. Some of the milestones described on the website include learning to share, begin pretend playing and counting to five. Parents and educators are encouraged to monitor and cultivate learning so as to prevent children from lagging behind their peers. Some ways parents can cultivate learning are by talking, singing and reading to their children, as noted on readingrockets.org.

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