Where Can I Find Ratings of Adult Education Classes?


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There are a few resources online dedicated to rating both online and traditional colleges, as well as individual courses. Websites Studentsreview.com and Geteducated.com provide the most in-depth information about colleges and courses specifically, while RateMyProfessors.com and the Better Business Bureau can also provide additional information.

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Where Can I Find Ratings of Adult Education Classes?
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GetEducated.com handles online courses, breaking down classes individually, providing feedback from other students that have taken the courses. It provides a listing of costs, student ratings of courses taken and public perception reviews.

On the Studentsreview.com webpage, the information is based more directly on student feedback, and compares information gathered from over 28,000 students who have rated courses and colleges. Schools are rated on various qualities such as education quality, social life, extracurricular activities available and school resources available for use.

For added information, websites such as Ratemyprofessors.com provides opinions on what other people think about a particular teacher or professor presenting a course in question, listing educators by school. Information on career choices, such as degrees with the best job opportunities, or the highest rated colleges and online course providers, can be found on Thebestschools.org. The site uses a multicriteria optimization method to provide rankings to schools based on what is most important to the user. The Better Business Bureau may also have information about any potential problems that people have had with the business aspects of the course's provider.

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