How Can You Quickly Boost Your GRE Score?


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Some ways to quickly boost a GRE score are to create vocabulary flash cards and spend some time each day learning vocabulary, and to spend time each day brushing up on math concepts that are on the test. Another way to quickly boost a GRE score is to spend time working on practice tests and carefully studying the answer explanations for any missed questions.

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A way to quickly boost a GRE score is to spend time studying concepts taught in late middle school and early high school mathematics courses. The GRE tests mathematics concepts of intermediate difficulty, rather than advanced trigonometry or calculus. Making sure to focus study time on the mathematics concepts that the GRE specifically tests is a way to quickly improve a GRE score.

Another way to quickly improve a GRE score is to improve reading skills. To improve critical reading skills, the test taker can spend time each day reading topics of interest. These topics may or may not relate to the test. Spending time reading teaches the test taker to process large amounts of words quickly and with critical reasoning, and these skills improve GRE test scores.

Test takers can also improve GRE scores in a short period of time by taking full practice tests in simulated testing conditions. Getting enough sleep before the test can also improve GRE test scores. On the day of the test, reading instructions carefully ensures that the test taker's answers conform to the test requirements.

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