Where Can You Find Questions and Answers to Quizzes in Math?

can-questions-answers-quizzes-math Credit: Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Some online resources that offer questions and answers to quizzes are Math Worksheets 4 Kids and IXL. At the Math Worksheets 4 Kids site, there are many different math questions and answers to a variety of math topics, including decimals, points, polynomials, polygons, straight lines, and triangles. The site has many other resources and information for different grade levels.

The questions found at this site may be related to subject, such as pre-algebra, algebra, elementary grade level math, geometry and trigonometry. The IXL website has extensive resources for helping students with math skills. There are also quizzes, problems and questions found by clicking on the various topics. Students are timed as they give the answers. If an answer is wrong, then the right choice is given with an explanation.