Where Can You Purchase Used Algebra Textbooks?


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Textbooks.com, Amazon.com and the Barnes & Noble website all sell used algebra books. Half Price Books also stocks a variety of used algebra text books.

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Textbooks.com is a website dedicated to selling used books. Many options for used algebra textbooks are available, and free shipping is offered on orders exceeding $25, as of 2015. Textbooks.com allows users to rent textbooks and sell old ones.

Amazon.com has used algebra textbooks available for purchase or loan, and Kindle versions are available on select titles. Barnes & Noble has thousands of used algebra textbooks available for purchase through the website. Only certain titles are available for renting. Barnes & Noble has a paid membership program that gives members discounts on books, but free shipping on orders over $25 is offered to every customer.

Half Price Books is a company that sells new, used and out-of-print books in both physical locations and online. Customers can also sell used books to Half Price Books and receive money back, or trade them for new books. A large selection of used algebra textbooks is also available at Half Price Books. Physical locations are limited to only 17 states, some of which are Arizona, Kansas, Texas and Minnesota.

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