Where Can You Purchase a Female Anatomy Chart?


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The online stores Amazon and Shop Anatomical offer female anatomy charts for sale. Female anatomy charts can be used by teachers, health care professionals and counselors to explain how a woman's body functions. There are charts for the reproductive organs and charts that explain pregnancy and breast cancer.

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Many women lack a full understanding of how their body works, and anatomical charts help break down the functions of each part. These charts can also help young girls understand what happens to their bodies during puberty. An anatomical chart can help a doctor or counselor explain and identify the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and vagina for girls and women who need help understanding the reproductive system.

Women who get breast cancer may be able to cope better by looking at an anatomical chart of the breast and understanding how cancer attacks the breast tissues and cells. Pregnant women can also get a better understanding of the nursing process by looking at an anatomical chart of the breast and learning how milk is produced and excreted from the breast.

Charts are available in paper form or laminated. The laminated version is a little more costly than the paper version, but it will last longer and work well in places where the charts will be used frequently.

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