Where Can You Purchase English Language Courses Online?

Those wishing to learn English can purchase courses online through language sites such as Rosetta Stone or schools such as the University of Arizona. Some companies, such as Mango Languages, allow learners to access their courses online through their local library for free. Library patrons can check with their libraries to see if English language courses are available.

Many language-learningwebsites offer courses in languages other than English, so customers can learn more than one languageif they wish. For example, as of 2015, Rosetta Stone has courses in over 30 languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin and Tagalog. Mango languages offers programs in over 60 languages. These courses are often self-paced.

Schools typically offer English language programs on a set schedule. For example, the University of Arizona offers 8 week programs consisting of either 30 or 50 hours. Courses can include writing, pronunciationor advanced grammar.