Where Can You Get PSI Practice Exams?


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PSI practice exams are located at PSI Learning Academy and at PSI Exams Online. Both sites offer multiple exams covering a variety of certification topics for pre-employment. Both sites are also pay-per-test sites, with a small fee required to access the exams.

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PSI Learning Academy offers practice exams covering cosmetology, construction, insurance and real estate. The exams are PSI-approved and are created based on the content covered in the actual exams, as provided by the PSI exam outlines. The practice exams are web-based for easy accessibility, and can be taken immediately after purchase or at a later date. After completion of an exam, the answers are assessed on an individual basis, with a breakdown of the answers provided to the exam taker based on the correct response.

PSI Exams Online also offers a web-based testing system, using the same exams provided by PSI Learning Academy. Unlike PSI Learning Academy, however, PSI Exams Online also offers study material intended to prepare for the exams. Through its online bookstore, the site offers prep books and reference material for each exam topic. It also offers online courses available at any time to help exam takers prepare. Appointment date searching for available PSI exams is also available on the site.

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