Where Can You Find Free Pronunciations of Medical Terminology Online?


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MerckManuals.com and Wisc-Online.com are both free online sources of medical terminology pronunciation. Wisconsin's technical colleges created Wisc-Online.com as a virtual destination for information and self-guided learning, while MerckManuals.com is the online home for the medical manual of the same name.

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MerckManuals.com presents medical terms in dictionary form, from A to Z, with each letter serving as a link to a list of corresponding terms. Clicking on a link opens a small pop-up window, and clicking a play button within the pop-up starts a brief sound file of the medical term.

Wisc-Online.com features specific sets of medical terminology associated with medical settings, such as the blood bank, hematology and microbiology fungi. The terms are grouped in slides and tend to be much more technical and niche-oriented.

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