Where Can I Find the Pronunciation of "bethphage"?

According to dictionary.com, the phonetic pronunciation of "bethphage" is "beth-FUH-jee." The Bible Workshop has a slightly different variation. It lists the phonetic pronunciation as "BEHTH-fuh-dzhee."

Other resources offer more possible pronunciations. Bible Tools lists the pronunciation as "bayth-fag-ay." An Israeli female on Forvo.com uses the pronunciation "bayit-pa-gay." The word "Bethphage" is Greek in origin, derived from Hebrew. "Beth" is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Bethphage is a location in ancient Israel. The term "Bethphage" literally translates to "house of unripe figs." The word is used in the New Testament of the Bible. Jesus sent two disciplines to Bethphage to find a donkey and a colt.