Where Can You Find Printable Multiplication Tables?


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Printable multiplication tables can be found on the Math Worksheets 4 Kids website, as of February 2015. The website has multiplication tables and charts in color or black and white. It also includes blank tables and partially-filled charts, so kids can fill them out on their own.

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From the Math Worksheets 4 Kids home page, a user can click on Multiplication under the Basic topics menu. He can then click Multiplication Tables and Charts. There are tables and charts for many number ranges available, and each opens in a PDF format.

A standard multiplication table features rows and columns of numbers. The two numbers being multiplied, called the factors, are found along the top and side of the table. The point where the two factors intersect in the middle of the table is the product. The ability to recall the multiplication tables can benefit students as they go further in math.

A teacher can quiz students by calling out multiplication problems and having the students consult the multiplication tables to solve it. To make it more exciting, a teacher can assign a group of problems and time the students to see how fast they are. She can also combine the multiplication with a math game, such as Meteor Multiplication or Grand Prix Multiplication.

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