How Can You Prepare for an ISEE Exam?

To prepare for the Independent School Entrance Examination, take timed practice exams, read quality books that expand your reading, writing and thinking skills, and start studying several months before the exam. Study unfamiliar words you encounter while reading to widen your vocabulary.

Taking timed practice exams allows you to find out which subjects you need to study more and also helps you get used to completing tests with time restrictions. Study books commonly read by students in private high schools as well as contemporary and classic novels. Because the ISEE involves complex reading and writing questions, it helps to memorize common root word to widen your vocabulary.

Avoid distractions while reading if you find it hard to retain information. It is also important to read when you feel energetic and focused instead of tired. Find important information by marking up texts or using a highlighter or sticky notes. Additionally, avoid cramming, as this leaves little time to improve weaknesses.

The ISEE is a standardized admissions exam that students must pass to enter most private schools. The test helps admissions personnel identify the weak and strong areas of applicants. The ISEE requires writing a short essay and answering multiple-choice aptitude questions focusing on language use, reading comprehension and math.