How Can You Prepare for a College Placement Test?


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Study for a college placement test by finding out which subjects the test covers, talking to the college about available preparatory materials, and brushing up on basic skills. Both two- and four-year colleges commonly use placement tests to assess students’ academic skill levels and determine which courses they are capable of taking.

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Placement tests are intended to gauge students’ general knowledge and skill levels, so it’s not necessary to study rigorously for them. However, these tests determine which courses students are eligible to take, and may allow students to skip out on basic courses, saving both time and money. The first step to prepare for a placement test is to find out what subject tests a school requires students to take. Colleges typically offer tests in reading, writing and math, and many also offer tests in foreign languages and science.

After determining which placement tests are required, students can either talk to admissions officers or check college websites for information about test preparation. College websites often offer more specific information about the tests, including formatting, practice questions and study strategies. By identifying unfamiliar material that may appear on the tests, students can determine which areas they need to brush up on and study. College websites may also offer other resources to help students study for placement tests, such as links to books and other sites.

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