Where Can You Find Practice Questions for the Science Bowl?

The Science Bowl Simulator, featured on Zatobowl, features thousands of questions that are designed for NSB competitions. The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science is another body that provides questions and answers from previous regional competitions. Because science tends to advance, some of the answers featured on the US DOE site may not be correct at a later date.

The Science Bowl Simulator that is featured on Zatobowl enables science competitors to answer thousands of scientific and mathematical questions. The site can be used to compete with friends online or for buzzer practice alone. The questions that are featured allow users to see instantaneous answers, and each is combined with related details from a learning link.

Sample questions and answers featured on the US DOE website cover the subjects of biology, astronomy, math and environmental science. Questions are designed for multiple choice or short answer replies. They are featured in sets that are categorized in rounds.

The National Science Bowl is sponsored by the US DOE. It is a national academic challenge that tests a student's overall knowledge of math and science. Teams from high schools and middle schools compete in the fast-paced competition. Each team is made up of four students, an alternate, an educational adviser and a coach.