How Can You Practice Math Facts?

How Can You Practice Math Facts?

A person can practice math facts by playing games such as Speed Racers, Flashlight Tag and Firecracker. In addition, a person can use flashcards to practice math facts by playing a game of War or Memory with the cards.

To play Speed Racers, two students each hold the same number of cards. When the game begins, each student sorts her cards into piles as directed by the game. For example, students might sort the cards into piles of even and odd numbers or students might put multiples of three in one pile and other cards in another pile. The student to sort her cards the fastest wins the game.

Similarly, to study math facts with flashlight tag, two students hold flashlights in the dark. The instructor writes a series of numbers on a smart board or other board. When the instructor reads a problem, the first student to shine her flashlight over the correct answer on the board wins the game.

Alternatively, a student can study math facts by playing Firecracker. To play Firecracker, teams of students line up in opposite directions from a center point. The game starts with the students farthest away from the center. Each student tries to answer a math problem. If she answers correctly, she sits down. The goal of the game is to try to reach the center point the fastest by having all of the students in a row sit down before any other team reaches the center.

To play the game War with math facts, a person makes flashcards but writes only problems on the cards. The student must solve the problems to figure out who wins each round as players flip cards. Alternatively, a student can play a Memory game in which math problems match to correct answers.