How Can You Practice Accelerated Reader Testing?

can-practice-accelerated-reader-testing Credit: Phil Ashley/Stone/Getty Images

Accelerated Reader tests and quizzes take place at school and are not available for home use. A small number of sample quizzes are available on its website, says Renaissance Learning, creator of the Accelerated Reader program.

The Accelerated Reading program works within the context of a school, allowing teachers and librarians to gauge and monitor a child's reading practice, according to A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader. Star Reading testing is a computerized reading assessment that uses adaptive technology, which means that the questions get easier or harder depending on a child's successful answer. Like the Accelerated Reading quizzes, this test takes place at school and is not available for use or practice at home, according to the guide. Star Reading tests help determine a child's reading level.

While it is not possible to take official practice tests for the Accelerated Reader program, there are several options available to help prepare. Free reading motivation, including book suggestions and quizzes are available through Book Adventure, an online reading resource. Students, teachers and parents register online, search for books to read and take a quiz, earning prizes for each successful quiz, according to Book Adventure. Like the Accelerated Reader program, parents have the option to monitor a child's progress through monthly reports.