How Can You Practice 10-Key Typing?


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Many websites, including Official-Typing-Test.com and TypeOnline.co.uk, offer free tests to practice your 10-key typing skills. Available tests vary from covering numbers only to covering both numbers and symbols; beginner tests are available as well.

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The tests simply ask you to type what you see on the screen. Online tests take you through a series of tests that get progressively more complex. Some websites offer one-, three- and five-minute tests. All data entry practice test websites calculate your keystrokes per hour or keystrokes per minute as well as your accuracy.

Accuracy needs to be as high as possible, because numbers are very hard to proofread. The minimum number of keystrokes per hour for many data entry jobs is 9,000. Most websites agree that a KPH of 12,000 with a 98 percent accuracy rating is sufficient for any data entry job.

Proper technique is important for efficient data entry. Feel for the tactile bump on the 5 key with your middle finger. This is how you align yourself properly with the keyboard. The starting position for typing is index finger on 4, middle finger on 5, ring finger on 6 and little finger on the plus symbol. From this position, you can accurately reach and push any key.

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