Can I Get a Place at UCI Though College Confidential?


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Using the website College Confidential doesn't guarantee a prospective college student a spot in any university, but it's a great place to begin or pursue a college search. The website provides plenty of insider information for high school students and their parents to tackle the daunting challenge of college admissions.

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College Confidential offers a helpful college matching system to identify possible choices based on a student's scores, financial needs, location requirements and prospective major. It also provides a wide range of articles on pertinent topics from SAT prep classes to paying for college. Once students have identified potential colleges, they can browse forums dedicated to individual schools. For example, a student interested in the University of California at Irvine could read 5,200 threads related to that university alone, as of 2015. This up-to-date interaction gives prospective students the best information on what kind of students are interested in applying and who gets admitted.

Many forums feature posts from high school students asking others to predict their chances of admission. Although interacting on the forum doesn't guarantee admission, it does help students pinpoint what particular universities require. College Confidential assists students navigating the college admission process, but it's no substitute for direct contact with individual universities. The best way to find information about a particular university is to visit its website and look for the Admissions page.

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