Where Can You Find Free Phlebotomy Classes?


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Free phlebotomy classes can be found online via a number of different universities including Loyola University of Chicago, Des Moines University, The University of Michigan and The University of Utah. These free classes serve as an introduction into the field of phlebotomy, but formal training is still required for certification.

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Where Can You Find Free Phlebotomy Classes?
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The free phlebotomy courses, offered online by accredited educational institutions, consist of quizzes, outlines, lecture notes and videos. The basic information provided in these free courses covers introductory topics such as methodology, syringe prep, necessary equipment, sample labeling, and safety and quality assurance.

While free online phlebotomy material does offer an introduction to the field, it does not offer university credit, or even grades, to those who complete it. Free online phlebotomy classes are a valuable resource for prospective phlebotomists and health care workers seeking to continue and advance their education.

Qualifications and regulations for the field of phlebotomy vary from state to state, but generally it always require a formal training program, clinical practice and an official exam. In order to begin an accredited phlebotomy training course, a high school diploma or GED is required. There are several organizations responsible for the approval and accreditation of these courses, such as The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. A list of accredited courses and programs can be found on the website.

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