How Can a Person Write a Testimonial?

A testimonial should be written from a realistic place, be kept short and should share specific notes about the product or service. It is most helpful to the person or company with the service or product when the testimonial is based on real likes and dislikes.

An example would be to begin with, "One thing I liked was" or "I found the experience to be..." These start off directly with the positive aspects, which are helpful for those using the testimonial. From here, go with two to four sentences about the product or service. The person writing the testimonial should be as specific as possible about how he or she used the product and service.

When writing a testimonial, think about the way that the product or service was unique and how it was able to solve a specific problem that needed to be solved. Talk about why this particular business stood out, and whether the experience was positive or negative overall.

To make it easier for customers to write testimonials, many companies will provide a template for the customer. This allows the customer to fill in the parts of the questionnaire and then let the company put the testimonial together. Companies want testimonials and in order to get them, they also often offer incentives, such as coupons.