How Can People Introduce Themselves in Writing?

People can introduce themselves in writing by stating their names and describing their occupations, family life, personal achievements and other information the reader might find interesting or helpful. The specific information to include depends on the purpose of the writing itself, such as for employment.

An applicant might introduce himself or herself in a cover letter for a job application by outlining professional goals and achievements. He or she might also include special skills or training that could set him or her apart from other candidates.

When writing a staff biography for a company, an employee should focus on his or her work within the industry. However, staff biographies are often more fun to read when they also include a few personal details, such as favorite hobbies or information about family members and pets. This contrasts to a profile on a dating site, which requires the writer to feature more social and personal qualities. For example, the writer might mention personality quirks or favorite pastimes.

Narrative essays require the writer to introduce himself or herself through a specific situation, circumstance or anecdote. These essays usually center around a brief period in the author's life; they often communicate a lesson or moral the author wishes to impart. Since they are often written as stories, they should engage the reader through emotional details.