Where Can You Get PDF Files of Text Books for Free?

Where Can You Get PDF Files of Text Books for Free?

Textbook Revolution, Bookboon.com, OpenStax College and The Global Text Project are among the many websites offering free textbooks for download in PDF format. Websites such as Project Gutenberg provide free PDFs of literary classics and other public domain books used in academics.

Textbook Revolution is a website maintained by students seeking to provide free textbooks and other educational materials for economically deprived students. The books are available in PDF and eBook formats, and the site also includes links where textbooks can be purchased inexpensively.

Bookboon offers free PDF textbooks on topics such as economics, statistics, engineering and natural science. The website also offers free PDF files of business and career management books.

OpenStax College, which is affiliated with Rice University, offers students free peer-reviewed textbooks designed to meet scope and sequence requirements of college-level courses. The site offers free PDF versions with an option to purchase a low-cost professionally printed version of the same textbooks.

The Global Text Project offers free textbooks especially aimed at students unable to purchased printed textbooks. The database includes PDF files and Web-based viewing options.

Project Gutenberg offers over 49,000 free books that are in public domain, which includes world literary classics and other writings used as textbooks. The site offers additional links to over 100,000 free e-books and PDFs from affiliated websites.