How Can Parents View Students' Grades?


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Parents can view their children's grades either through online parent portals provided by school districts, as in the case of Chicago Public Schools, or through similar educational platforms that record grades, such as Jupiter grade books. Parents need approval from their college-aged children to receive grade information.

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The parent portal feature at Chicago Public Schools, and some other districts, requires authentication from the district. Chicago Public Schools gives each parent/set of parents a PIN number to create an account. A parent then completes the Parent Account Signup form and approves the terms of usage. The parent can subsequently access the account and view grades by entering a username and password, and the parent can also sign up for email or text alerts.

Schools that utilize the Jupiter Gradebook program also require parents to create accounts with login information. A parent accesses grades by going to the login page, clicking on the Parent tab, and entering the student name or ID, password, school and school location. In addition to viewing a child's grades online, the parent can also sign up for Jupiter's low grade alerts.

As of 2015, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prevents institutions of higher learning from giving student grade information to parents in many cases, unless the students submit waiver forms.

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