How Can Parents Access Their Child's School Grades?

Parents can access their children's school grades through the use of grading programs such as Jupiter Ed. They may also be able to access the grades through school district web portals, such as the Parent Portal with Chicago Public Schools and the NYC Schools account with New York schools.

Jupiter Ed enables parents with their children's Student ID numbers or full names and passwords to access their grades. Parents have their own passwords separate from their children. Parents can access the grades by going to Jupiter Ed, clicking on the Login link at the top right-hand corner of the page, clicking the Parent tab on the portal home page and then entering log-in information.

Parents connected to Chicago Public Schools can view their children's grades by going to the school district website, clicking on the Students link at the top of the homepage and by clicking on the Parent Portal login button. The portal prompts the parent to enter a username, password and language.

Parents of New York City public school students can create a school account to view grades with the NYC Schools Account Creation Codes presented to each parent. Parents can register either online or in person, and need valid photo IDs, 9-digit NYC student ID numbers and email addresses to register.