How Can You Get a Paper Proofread for Free?


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You can get a paper proofread for free by asking a friend or teacher to review the paper for you or by using a free online proofreading service. Popular proofreading programs include Grammarly, Proofread Bot and Paper Rater.

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Digital proofreading tools use sophisticated computer programs to learn the rules of language and writing, as well as the way words are most commonly used. There are over 250 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, according to Grammarly, and these programs are designed to seek out infractions in the work that is submitted. The software will compare your writing with everything it has learned and alert you of any discrepancies.

Digital proofreading services are especially good for pointing out minor mistakes and typos, such as confusing "to," "too" and "two." Many of these services can also scan for plagiarism. However, supposed errors are often misidentified, and the computer programs are not able to point out some structural problems, tense disagreements or unnatural sounding phrases.

Like the spell check of old, today's digital proofreading services are no match for the human eye. Although these programs may know all of the rules, they do not have an innate knowledge of how the language works. A live human who is a native English speaker will be far more likely to spot mistakes in your paper, even if she cannot explain precisely what the error is.

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