How Can I Get Paid to Go to College?


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Scholarships, grants and stipends are all ways in which students can be paid to attend college. However, it's rare that attendees are awarded so much they still have money after paying for tuition, living costs and school supplies.

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Ways to get money to attend school start with filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and scheduling a meeting with the college's financial aid office. From there students can apply for loans and scholarships. Based on student need, ability and other qualifications such as race or religion, students can qualify for scholarships from external organizations that can often be applied to tuition or college-related expenses and which don't need to be repaid.

A student can also work for either her college or an organization willing to pay for an individual's education. For example, work-study students work for the school they attend, students in ROTC programs serve in the military in return for college expenses and some companies pay for an employee's college education, so that employee can better serve the company.

Even if tuition is covered by the school, it's possible that any payment or stipend given to the student might not be enough. O'Brien Schofield, a student athlete who was recruited into the NFL, stated that even after the school's stipends, he had difficulty covering basic living expenses.

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