How Can You Find Out If a School Is Successful?

According to, one way to tell if a school is successful is to discover if it is low in bullying, harassment and fighting. By creating a place that is physically and emotionally safe for its students, the school encourages successful learning. If the school stages interventions intended to foster positive behavior instead of suspending and expelling violators, the school is successful at encouraging emotional learning and the development of important social skills.

Another way to find if a school is successful is to discover if the teachers provide equal opportunity for expression and give equal feedback to all of their students. The teacher's belief that every student has the potential to be a successful student helps encourage positive attitudes, and successful teachers can be noticed by their willingness to teach older materials again to students who did not fully understand it the first time rather than moving on according to the syllabus.

To find out if a school is successful, determine if the principal is someone who is relatable, accessible and who encourages collaborative thinking within both the faculty and the community. Such leaders should be highly visible at school games and other public events and should share the effective teachers' attitude that every student has the potential for success.