How Can You Find Out the Meanings of Different Names?


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Websites such as BehindTheName.com, Meaning-of-Names.com, Names.org and BabyNames.net offer resources to find out the meaning of different names. The sites also help users find names with specific meanings, such as "strong," or names of a particular origin.

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BehindTheName.com offers the etymology and history of first names. The site lets users search both masculine and feminine names and also lists popular names for boys and girls. It lets users search mythological and biblical names and names with ethnic origins from countries such as Italy, France, India and Africa.

Meaning-of-Names.com offers meanings for both first names and surnames. Users can search names by region of origin as well as genealogy. The site lists meanings for more than 45,000 different baby names, surnames and city names from all over the world.

Names.org discusses the influence of celebrities and the meaning and origins of names. It also features graphs showing the popularity of names through in past years. Users can access gender popularity for name that can be applied to both boys and girls. The site also features name trends by geographical regions, as well as unconventional spellings and variations on popular names.

Babynames.net lets users browse names by ethnicity and popularity. The site also categorizes names in list format, such as aristocratic names and "bad boy" names.

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