How Can You Find Out the Meaning of a Last Name?


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Extensive databases on websites such as Ancestry.com or Geneaology.com allow users to search for a particular name to discover its meaning. Ancestry.com, for example, provides the historical and geographical origins of a last name, as well as the ethnic lineage to which it belongs.

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It is fairly easy to find out the meaning and origin of your last name using the Internet. Genealogy.com has a simple search bar on the home page that allows you to type in your last name and receive its origin and meaning immediately, as well as some alternate spellings. According to this website, the surname Smith comes from English and is an occupational name related to workers of metal.

The database at SurnameDB.com allows you to search for your last name to discover its meaning and statistical distribution across the country. Over 49,000 names are available on this site, and it offers framed scrolls of your last name's history. There are alternative methods of finding out the origin of your last name without using the Internet, such as by visiting libraries or government buildings that have public records available. Another method is to visit a professional genealogist and hire him to research your family tree.

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