How Can You Find Out If a College Is Accredited?


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To find out of a college is accredited, check the college's website or search the United States Department of Education or Council for Higher Education Accreditation websites. There are six regional accreditation associations in the United States: New England, Middle States, North Central, Southern, Western and Northwest. An accredited school will belong to one of these regional associations.

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The following steps will help a student determine if a college is accredited, using the Council for Higher Education Accreditation:

  1. Visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation website
  2. Go to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation website and agree to the terms and conditions for the search.

  3. Enter the required information
  4. Enter the information for the college being searched, such as the name, state and country. Choose the "Any Accreditor" option and then click on the "Search for Institutional Accreditation" button. Different version of the college's name may need to be tried.

  5. Click on the link
  6. If the search was successful in finding the college, a link to its website will appear. Click on the link to learn more. The information provided will include the college's address and phone number, as well as the regional accreditation organization. If no link appears, then the college has not been accredited.

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