How Can You Take an Online High-School Diploma Test?

Online high school programs that offer a diploma upon successful completion of the course and final exam include Aberdeen Academy, Dalloway High School and West Madison Falls High School. Students enroll in these programs for free to access the course materials, and pay to access the diploma package upon completion.

West Madison High School offers both an accelerated high school diploma package and a standard version as of 2015. Features of both options include the ability for students to complete the class materials online and at their own pace. A 100-question course and study guide are included for the final achievement of an official high school diploma along with transcripts. The standard package also includes a resume writing package and an official certificate of completion.

Dalloway High School offers a free online high school diploma course and test. Students who pass the initial test are then offered the opportunity to pay for a diploma package and GED test that takes place in a live classroom. Dalloway High School also offers lifetime verification services for graduates of the GED program, allowing potential employers to confirm a student's successful completion.

Aberdeen High School offers a free course and test that can be completed online in one sitting. The test takes an average of two hours to complete and consists of English, math, social studies and science questions, followed by a written essay.