What Can You Do With Online Grade Books?

What Can You Do With Online Grade Books?

Teachers use online grade books to enter student grades, adjust grading methods, weigh assessments, view statistics and other data, and track attendance. Students and parents may have access to the books through special student or parent portals to view student grades. Some grade books also have email or text alerts.

Many online grade books allow for easy grade input. LearnBoost automatically updates individual student scores after a teacher enters the grades. Grade Book Wizard enables teachers to grade from any location with a computer and Internet access, and without having to download special software. Teachers using JupiterEd can adjust or override grades using that program.

LearnBoost and Grade Book Wizard also enable teachers to create customized grading scales and assign different assessment weights. JupiterEd users can create custom marks for missed assignments or excused homework. Grade Book Wizard has a share feature that enable teachers to share their grade rubrics with fellow educators.

Some grade books, such as LearnBoost, record statistical information, such as short and long-term performance results for individual students.

JupiterEd enables students and parents to view grades through a special program portal. Students and parents need to create program accounts with user names and passwords to access grades. JupiterEd also comes with text and email notification that alerts parents of low student grades.