Where Can I Find Free Online Courses for Kids?


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Online courses for children are available for free from e-learningforkids.org, C-K12.org and through the University of South Carolina's Robotics program. Open Culture also provides a list of 200 free education resources for kids including video, apps, books and websites that can be used to supplement or create courses.

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Where Can I Find Free Online Courses for Kids?
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E-learningforkids.org provides specific courses for various universal topics in accordance with the International Baccalaureate curriculum, used in 138 countries. As of January 2015, e-learning for kids provides 700 courses for children ages 5 to 12. They are broken out into major topic areas, such as science, math and language arts, then narrowed down to specific topics within those categories. The courses are designed for specific grade levels and are interactive. Many of the courses end with a reward for completion that is related to the specific subject.

As of January 2015, CK-12 features over 5000 concepts and 15,000 resources. CK-12 focuses on adapting courses to individual learning styles and paces. SK-12 digitized textbooks and resources to provide varying methods of engagement with a subject.

The University of South Carolina's Robotics program is an example of a highly specified learning program aimed at teaching children about a specific topic. It features hands-on robotics classes for various age groups that are organized by units and smaller chapters within each unit.

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