Where Can You Find Online Children's Educational Resources?

Online children's educational resources are available from the Khan Academy, Jump Start and Discovery Education. These websites provide videos, interactive games, activities and other content that covers math, reading, social sciences and other standard curriculum topics according to grade level or age range.

The Khan Academy offers free online courses in a wide range of subjects, including math, science, economics and finance, art and humanities and computing. Each of these subjects breaks down into components based on subject matter or grade level. For example, the math component includes courses tailored for K-12 students ranging from basic operations with numbers to algebra and geometry. Children can click on their grade level to access free math videos and discussion boards.

Jump Start has several games and activities for children, including illustrated activities for preschool-aged kids. Several of the resources are available to any website visitor, whereas signing up for membership is required to utilize the full spectrum of educational resources.

Discovery Education student resources include homework help in math, science, social studies and English, as well as games and interactives and the step-by-step WebMATH program. Games include the interactive Toyota Team Driver game. Discovery Education also has an archived webinar library that contains video collections of webinars on math, science and other academic topics.