Where Can You Take an Online Accuplacer Test?

The matriculating student typically takes an Accuplacer test at his university. The multiple choice test is automatically saved online, untimed and proctored. The student interested in taking the Accuplacer test must contact his adviser or counselor to set up an appointment.

Students who live too far away from their university but wish to take the Accuplacer test may take the Accuplacer Remote at an approved testing site closer to home. Students with medically documented disabilities may take the Accuplacer test at home, but other conditions may apply, such as testing center guidelines and proctor eligibility requirements.

Students who do not have a medically documented disability may not take an Accuplacer test at home, though they may take it at a private location, providing the students meet certain criteria, such as being too far away from an official testing site and simultaneously possessing an eligible candidate for proctor. Proctors usually have a college degree, private log-in credentials approved by the College Board and experience administering standardized tests. Proctors must be unrelated to the student, have no stake in the student's scores and must not be a peer or friend of the student. The local institution that offers Accuplacer Remote must authorize the proctor in advance of the proctor administering Accuplacer.

Beyond these criteria for eligibility, there are system requirements necessary to administer the Accuplacer on a private computer. The computer's operating system should be at least Windows 7 or iOS7, with a minimum Java runtime environment of 1.5.0. A thorough explanation of eligibility and other requirements is available at Accuplacer.org.