Where Can One See Some Examples of Science Fair Projects?


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Examples of science fair projects can be found on Science Buddies, Education.com and Discovery Education. These sites feature numerous projects on multiple science themes, such as chemistry, life science and biology.

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Science Buddies features multiple ways of searching its database of projects, including a custom search bar and a search tab on the ideas page. There is also a topic selection wizard that walks users through finding an appropriate topic. Users who do not know what they want to do can browse all projects to see what catches the eye, and projects with already made kits are available to make the process simpler.

Education.com also features a custom search bar, and results can be sorted by relevance and rating to find quality, relevant projects for each search. The results can also be filtered by grade, so the project is age-appropriate, or by subject for when the student knows what he wants to study for the project.

Discovery Education has sections on its site for administrators, teachers, parents and students, so people from all levels of education can see example science fair projects. The site features over 100 project ideas, and the project selection page walks the user through picking a project that fits certain perimeters, such as project idea and type.

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