Where Can One Find Information About Bachelor Degree Courses?


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Bachelor's degree courses vary based on the school and field of study, but courses can be found in University course catalogs. Universities typically have these course catalogs available on their websites. For information about fields of study, students can go to education-portal.com and view its glossary of bachelor's degree programs.

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Education Portal's glossary features degrees broken down into categories based on the type of degree and has links within each category for individual majors. Within each major, the site lists information about what the program entails, the types of courses it requires, careers that can be pursued with that degree and the job outlook for those with that type of degree.

A bachelor's degree is usually intended to be completed in four years of schooling, but there are exceptions that are supposed to take five years. Some students who take more courses than average are able to complete their Bachelor's Degree within three years, although this is not possible with certain programs.

Various honors can be attached to a bachelor's degree when a student completes honors courses or maintains a high-grade-point average. Many of these honors have Latin titles, such as cum laude, which means "with honor." As of February 2015, the highest possible distinction is maxima cum laude.

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