How Can One Create a Report Card?


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To create a report card, open a spreadsheet software program such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers and create a new project. Format a heading at the top of the project that includes the school's name, the name of the instructor, the course and the student's name. Format a designated cell to display the date and choose a calendar style. Create a body for the grades that is broken up into assignments, quizzes, tests and essays.

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In the grades body, insert bold headings for each grade section, followed by a list of all the graded components. If desired, create outlines around each section and listed grade so that it appears as a table of information. Next to the list of assignments, create a column for the percentage grade or points earned. Next to that column, create a column with the highest grade possible for the assignment. At the end of each section, create a totals cell that shows the averages for each section, and format the cell with the appropriate averages formula for each cell in the section.

Below all of the sections, create a cell that averages the entire grade as a percentage. Insert a notes box for any additional feedback. Save a blank copy as a template, and then create an individual report card for each student. Alternately, create one large spreadsheet that contains report cards for each student to keep that period's card in one file and make printing easier. Perform a preview of the printed document before printing to ensure each page is separated properly and the text is aligned correctly.

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